Satellite Quad Dart Launcher

Satellite Quad Dart Launcher

  • Features:

Satellite Quad Dart Launcher Features

  • Capable of loading and deploying up to 5 dart, balls, or a Combination of both
  • The cartridges can be loaded with a combination of 4″ or 5″ darts plus packer balls
  • Cartridge fully secures each dart separately
  • Darts are fully visible via a color coded and numbered carrier housing
  • Each individual dart is fully encased and fully protected from the elements
  • The encased dart is stored in a protective double walled thermal capsule that insulates it from extreme outside sub temperatures and moisture

Quad Launcher with Staging Assembly

  • The dart is staged and launched under pumping frac pressure (note a pressure pumper is required to equalize and displace)

Quad Launcher – Direct Drop

  • The dart is launched with frac tree pressure bled down

Satellite Quad Dart Launcher