Inspection, Repair & Recertification

IES’s Quality Control Manager has over ten years of experience in manufacturing, non-destructive testing, & management experience with one of the largest manufacturer of oil & gas equipment in Canada. As such, our QA/QC department is extensively qualified in MPI and UT including SNT-TC-1A level 2 certification in both Magnetic Particle Inspection (MPI) and Ultrasonic Thickness (UT). Thus, IES can be called upon time-after-time in ensuring both knowledge and experience in recertifying our high pressure frac equipment  to meet the needs of our clientele.

Inspection Process

Isolation Equipment Service has adapted NDT Inspection (Non-Destructive Testing) as one of the core of our equipment quality control program. Iron inspections are done by our own certified technicians to ensure that all IES equipment is reliable and safe to use. Our NDT program strictly adheres and highly meets the requirements of the ASTM for training, qualification, and certification of NDE personnel. Valve repair & hydrostatic pressure test are performed by our highly experienced staff to ensure integrity and function of our equipment; going above and beyond the Industry Recommended Practice (IRP 5) standard & referencing API 6A. Each component is labelled and tracked to provide the repair recertification schedule with a complete history. All equipment is subjected to a thorough inspection, with the repair and recertification process is fully supported with documentation