Product Information 
Plug and Perf System

Technical Specifications




 Dual Swivel Entry Design

Opposing fluids reduce erosion

Swivel Flanged Connections

Reliable, flexible for ease of assembly. Eliminates side load on the Wellhead

Screened Buffalo Heads

Prevents damaging debris from entering the wellbore and promotes smoother frac flow

Light Weight Sleek design

Ease of assembly and reduced cartage


Ease of adjustment in tight footprint areas

Remote Valve Large Green Indicators 

Confirms desired valve function

The IES Plug and Perf manifold system is designed to connect multi pad wells during pumping operations. As one well stage is being stimulated, the next well is E-line serviced. By isolating each well as required, the process is repeated back and forth until all desired stages are completed.
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• 15,000 psi (103.4 MPa) max working pressure
• 5 1/8 API Flanged end connections
• 4 1/16 API Flanged swivel standing iron
• Maximum frac flow rates up to 16 m3/min
• Velocity reduction due to debris screens
• Reduction of erosion in fluid mixing area
• Unique TY Block promotes minimal erosion
The IES dual swivel flanged entry design features minimal erosion with opposing fluids and swivel sweeps promoting smoother frac flow versus abrupt single entry angle changes. IES standing iron swivel flanged connections are flexible and conform for ease of assembly, meaning there are no rigid flange connections that require perfect alignment to assemble. In addition, the IES debris screen not only greatly reduces damaging debris from entering the well bore, they also help promote smoother frac flow down the well bore

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