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Isolation Tool System

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The Isolation Tool by-passes, and protects the existing production wellhead and/or surface wellhead equipment from frac treatment pressures, erosion and corrosive fluids. By isolating the surface wellhead equipment, the Isolation Tool increases the pumping pressure capability to the down hole tubular strength.



Fail Safe Remote Valve (ESV) Features a Unique Open/Close Indicator

Hydraulically operated by remote control at a safe distance with a unique hydraulic accumulator system

True Bore and Innovative Design

Precision machining and quality control ensures uniform flow of frac fluid and minimal erosion

Patented Seal Assembly Readily Conforms To Desired Tubular Sealing Area

The unique seals have proven to be extremely reliable and efficient in the most adverse conditions

Unit is Certified and Manufactured to API Specifications

Pressure rating 15K (103.5 MPa) WP, fully conforms to NACE sour gas requirements. Maximum flow rates are confirmed depending on job parameters. Available in 84", 96" and 124" cylinder strokes

Versatile Unit Will Adapt to all Tubing and Casing Sizes and Weights

The unit can be quickly converted to isolate in an assortment of tubulars from 2 3/8" to 7"

Tell Tale Vent

Confirms a good makeup seal between the Isolation tool seal and tubular that protects the surface equipment from being subjected to over pressure.

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Pressure Rating 

 15K WP

Pumping Rates

up to 75 BPM (depending on tubular size and sand volume

Injection and Extraction Pressures

Up to 7500psi Well Standing Pressure

Injection Hydraulic Pressure 

 Up to 5000psi

Sour Gas

Nace rating

Technical Specifications