Screened Buffalo Head
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Actual Debris Caught in IES Screened Buffalo Head
Screened Buffalo Head
Pressure Pump
DSA and Mono Bore
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DSA and Monobore Systems
Pressure Pump
Flexibility of Two types, Skid Units or Trailer Mount Units
DSA (Dognut Sub Adapter)



Compact and Easily Accessible

Skid units are compact and moved with ease on PAD locations. All controls are user friendly and operated at ground level.

Fail Safe Over Pressure System

Equipped with a 15K pressure relief valve to prevent over pressuring, in addition a factory burst disc protects the pump from over pressuring.

Unique Hydraulic Operating System

Main hydraulic system is pre-set that controls the amount of flow to the pressure pump, which regulates the maximum desirable discharge pressure

Hydraulic Controls

Pumper is equipped with a high/low range which provides easy and gentle induction of fluids when pressure testing and starting ball displacement. Low range provides operator with more control and options

Secondary Hydraulic Source

Backup hydraulic system for operating the XL series and or remote valve systems

Manifold (annulus pressure system)

Annulus pressure can be maintained during ball launching operations.

Pressure Fluid Readings and Recordings

Full Electronic Recorder displays both lines pressure and rate with manual backup readings

Technical Specifications


Flow Rate

Working Pressure

Normal Pumper


Up to 150 liters/min

15000psi (103.5 MPa) 

Large Volume Pumper


Up to 190 liters/min

15000psi  (103.5 MPa)



Upgrades Existing Wellhead to

10K(69 MPa) or 15K (103.5 MPa) WP

A sealed high pressure sub is connected to the dognut

Multi Seal Connection

High pressure seals are pressure tested to comfirm their integrity prior to the frac job

Unique Venting System


Vent valve preferred to be connected to the annulus casing valve or vented to the atmosphere

Annulus Pressure Back Up

Annulus pressure provides back up support for the high pressure sub

Dognut Seals Become Dormant


Dognut seal leak will not jeopardize the job

Full Bore For Back Pressure

Plug Passage

Sub exhibits a full bore to accommodate downhole passage

Universal Tubing Hanger Sizes


7 1/16" 2K, 3K, and 5K

Connects to 2 3/8", 2 7/8", 3.5" and 4.5 tubulars

Universal Frachead Connections

3 1/16" 10K, 15K

4 1/16" 10K, 15K



Upgrades Existing Wellhead to

10K (69 MPa) or 15K (103.5 MPa)

Isolation Bonnet connects to casing bowl and seals 6" of casing stub

Multi Seal Connection

High pressure seals are energized + pressure tested to confirm their integrity prior to frac job

Universal Casing Bowl Connections

11" - 2K,3K,5K / 9" 2K,3K,5K

Universal Casing Sizes

4 1/2" (114.3mm) - 5 1/2" (139.7mm)

Universal Frachead Connections

3 1/16" 10K, 15K

4 1/16" 10K, 15K

5 1/8"   10K  15K

Isolation Bonnet (Monobore)
Screened Buffalo and Coil Headers:
The slotted screen technology has proven to work extremely well in both the Buffalo Head (or Multi Port unit) and the Coil Headers. The results have been outstanding (refer to the IES Case Study report); we have quite the collection of debris, which includes multi sized rocks, pump parts and even a certification band that did not go down hole. This has our clients smiling and confident that unintentional pieces are not working their way down hole, which could seriously compromise downhole equipment and even create premature screen-outs. The results are much fewer screen-outs, downhole tools work more efficiently and reduces coil costs; all which positively reflect in your costs to complete the Wells. Our screens SAVE stages.
In addition the design allows for the fluids to disperse through a slotted area that in total triples the area (12.56 increasing to 36 sq inches) which results in managing erosion to perfection.
4" Bore Flow max rate of 3m3/min per inlet
5" Bore Flow max rate of 8m3/min per inlet
Patented 5 1/8"
Slotted Debris Screen
Buffalo Head with Screened Ports

Pressure Rating 

10K (69 MPa) and 15K (103.5 MPa) Wp

Pumping Rates

4" Bore flow max rate of 3m3/min per inlet

5" Bore flow max rate of 8m3/min per inlet

Opposing Fluids

IES recommends opposing fluid entry at all times

Sour Gas

Manufactured to NACE Sour Gas Specifications

DSA Block
Quad Seal
Full Bore Passage
Cut Casing To 6" Above Flange Taper inside and Out
Needle Valve for Testing Seals
Primary Seal

Trailer Mount Units
The IES Pressure Pump are Designed and engineered to displace packer balls into frac fluid pumped down hole. They can be utilized to maintain annulus pressure while displacing the packer balls during the pumping operation. In addition, they can be used to pressure test the fracheads when installed on location.